Brooklyn Art Studios and Yashar Gallery

Brooklyn Art Studios and Yashar Gallery
Brooklyn Art Studios is a complex of artist spaces in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, housing a growing ensemble of professional artists, designers, artisans + creatives. Our onsite exhibition space, Yashar Gallery, exclusively features the work of our artists in rotating monthly shows. We also host seasonal Open Studio events.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ana Paola studied painting and drawing from life at Knox College in Illinois, and at the University of Kansas. She worked in Chicago for nearly four years before moving to New York.

“Having inherited a Midwest limited/basic palette, I try to make sense of the clutter found in my surroundings. Often starting from life, alignments are fictionalized and reality is suppressed to give the viewer an intimate and optimistic look into ordinary and isolated places. Lately, I am exploring my Mexican heritage, recognizing how it influences color choice and the tendency to record my own narrative.

Above all, I think hope tends to be the focal point of my work, whether I'm recording people on the train in sketchbooks, or trying to capture the magnitude of skyscrapers. For me, it really comes down to how we inspire people to continue the hard work they do. And I've found, it's by working hard oneself.”

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