Brooklyn Art Studios and Yashar Gallery

Brooklyn Art Studios and Yashar Gallery
Brooklyn Art Studios is a complex of artist spaces in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, housing a growing ensemble of professional artists, designers, artisans + creatives. Our onsite exhibition space, Yashar Gallery, exclusively features the work of our artists in rotating monthly shows. We also host seasonal Open Studio events.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kim Luttrell at Art Miami

Artwork by Kim Luttrell will be on view with Susan Eley Fine Art at Art Miami. Art Miami is celebrating its 20th year and is the longest running contemporary art fair in Miami. Art Miami is one of the most important venues for modern and contemporary art in the United States.

Located at Art Miami Pavillion at Midtown Blvd (NE 1st Ave) Between NE 31st & NE 32nd St, Miami FL.

Fair Hours:
Lotus House Benefit, Tuesday Dec 1, 5:30-7pm
VIP Preview, 7pm-10:30pm

Wed, Dec 2 - Sat, Dec 5, 11am-7pm
Sun Dec 6, 11am-5pm

General Admission applies

For complete show information visit

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Susan Metrician featured in In-Studio/Tangent exhibition

In-Studio/Tangent: An exhibition curated by Marshall Harmon in conjunction with the the League Treatment Center and League Artists Natural Design (LAND) on view November 6th – December 6th, 2009.

In-Studio features the work of artists living with autism-spectrum disabilities whose creative talents qualify them to participate in an immersive studio program. The artists are led in group projects by Marshall Harmon, Workshop Visiting Artist. Artists Matt Murphy (Art Specialist and a founding team member of LAND) and Susan Metrican (Gallery/Habitation Coordinator) guide and support each artist’s personal exploration.

Established in 2005, LAND is the latest program of the League Treatment Center, a unique studio that helps artists develop their skills in a nurturing environment, as well as market their vibrant work. LAND has gained worldwide support from curators, collectors, writers, and arts organizations, dedicated to social change and the expansion of the art world.

Tangent features the work of Marshall Harmon, Matt Murphy, and Susan Metrican from the LAND studio. All three artists differ in style, yet each draws inspiration from LAND’s creative environment.

Susan Metrican’s series of still-life paintings reveal the preciousness of ordinary objects. Incorporating scale and a sense of humor, Metrican’s images explore the lines between intimacy, awkwardness, and distance.

Regular exhibition hours will be Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:30 pm. JDK Gallery - 47 Maple Street in Burlington, Vermont

More information: JDK Gallery

Brooklyn Art Studios is growing!

Brooklyn Art Studios is growing! The Brooklyn Art Studios - Building 8 at 276 Greenpoint Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, now has ground floor studio/work spaces.

New private spaces include: heat, wifi, overhead lights, large windows, ceiling fans, 24 hr access, 24 hr security & cameras, break room, vending machines, mens/womens restrooms, utility room with slop sink and supplies, showroom/gallery space, 16 ft ceilings (build up storage lofts), load in/load out from dock area, area for dirty work/sawing, mail boxes for mail delivery, bike racks on site, lots of area parking/on site parking nights and weekends, open studio events and blog spot/web link.

Some spaces will include:
170sf floor space / 800sf wall space
190sf floor space / 950sf wall space
290sf floor space / 1175sf wall space
230sf floor space / 1000sf wall space

Call for more info and to view: 718-313-5379. (Or email:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Artist Spotlight" Film on Painter, Cassy Giacci

Rogue Space - Chelsea and present the first in a series of “Artist Spotlight” events on Thursday, November 19th, 6pm-9pm. The Artists Spotlight series is a monthly art opening combined with documentary film screening on a New York Artist.*

“Artists Spotlight” is an initiative of documentary filmmaker and gallery owner Kevin OʼHanlon and aims to showcase the artistic process and intent behind the work on exhibit. The films allow the viewer to observe the artist in the studios…at the height of their creative process or discussing their art, and invite the viewer to make a connection with the artist.

“It is a unique and fun concept”, says OʼHanlon, “Itʼs an instant propulsion into the public eye for the artists and a departure from a traditional gallery setting. My hope is that art fans will be able to connect far more earnestly with an artistʼs work by connecting with the process of its creation. Film is a very powerful medium and I believe it will play a major role in art exhibition as the gallery struggles with news models for creating excitement and stimulating investment in art.”

The first film in the series is on Brooklyn Art Studios own; Painter, Cassy Giacci. Editor is Michelle Vargas.

What the critics are saying:The subject that is OʼHanlonʼs current passion is the artist. Located in the middle of Chelsea, the filmmaker found the rare opportunity to open a space that would allow him to connect with his subjects.Unlike many other galleries - the joining of film and art brings to focus the personal and technical development of an artist that resides behind the works, which would normally be unseen. - Fine Art Magazine.

View artwork by Cassy Giacci:

Friday, November 6, 2009

FEATURED ARTIST: Johnny Bergmann

STUDIO 4 is an independent documentary production house. Directors Meredith Binder and Johnny Bergmann are collaborating to bring compelling personal stories to you through the mediums of film and video. Currently, Johnny's first feature GENDER REDESIGNER is airing on LOGO and will shortly be distributed on DVD. Meredith's first feature TRADITION is currently in production and will be edited in this studio.

In "Gender Redesigner," Filmmaker Johnny Bergmann explores the plight of a man who was born into the body of a woman in this introspective and often funny look at the existence of the modern transsexual.

Signs that everything wasn’t quite right came early and often for fAe. Though he was “born with girl parts,” a trip to the girls’ room on the first day of school was met with terrified screams. At age three, industrious little fAe dreamt of devising a synthetic penis, which he hoped would let him pee like a boy. Early on, fAe found some comfort in a lesbian identity but knew this was not his true self. Years of introspection led to the undeniable conclusion that fAe was a man mistakenly endowed with a woman’s body. His caring —but somewhat careless — brother notes that these biological errors simply occur sometimes, likening fAe’s condition to that of a boy from a recent magazine article he read—a boy born with fins for feet.

Unfazed, fAe undertakes a regimen of testosterone injections, leading up to a painful and irreversible double mastectomy (which he gleefully refers to as “getting my breasts chopped off”). With the support of friends and family, fAe completes his gender transformation, but difficulties arise along the way. Daily struggles pile up beside more serious ones: How does a recent graduate raise huge sums of money for an “optional” procedure? How can fAe’s mom learn to love a son when she had raised a daughter? Now more outwardly male, how does fAe reconcile the female traits he wants to retain? And, perhaps most daunting of all, how does fAe transform, not in New York or San Francisco, but in rural Pennsylvania?…
There will be ongoing screenings of "Gender Redesigner" in studio 1300 at the 1st Open Studios @ Brooklyn Art Studios on Friday, November 6, 6-9pm and Saturday, November 7, 1-6pm.

Click here to watch a preview of the film!